If you are new to the outdoors, having suitable clothing can affect your comfort level. Fjallraven bushcraft pants are one of the premium apparel items in the market that every avid outdoors enthusiast should have in their kit before heading out for the next adventure.

Not all outdoor apparel is equal. The variances between manufacturers can greatly differ. Researching the options and features you want in hiking pants will ensure you find the perfect pair for you. Even bushcraft pants from the same manufacturer will offer contrasting elements.

Today, I’m reviewing the top Fjallraven bushcraft pants; what makes them great, the pros and cons, and if they will suit your needs. Then, you can make the best choice that will work for you. Not all styles will give you the needed features, so research is important when selecting your outdoor apparel.

So, keep reading to learn more about what sets Fjallraven apparel apart from other brands and which bushcraft pants are ideal for your next adventure.

The Top Fjallraven Bushcraft Pants

Fjallraven High Coast Hike Trousers (Men)

Best Overall

  • Lightweight enough for casual wear
  • Two hand pocket
  • Moisture-wicking ripstop stretch fabric
Fjallraven High Coast Trail Trouse (Women)

Most affordable

  • Two hand pockets
  • Zippered leg pocket
  • Integrated strap belt
Fjallraven Keb Trousers

For Serious Bushcrafters

  • Maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Harder to learn on

The Advantages of Choosing Fjallraven Apparel

Fjallraven has been a reputable provider of high-quality outdoor apparel, iconic bags, and hiking gear accessories since 1960. Their innovative techniques have revolutionized the outdoor industry.

From condensation-free tents to G-1000 materials and premium bushcraft pants, Fjallraven uses superior methods with cutting-edge technology to provide products unparallel to their competitors. They offer lifetime repairs and free returns, so you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you need assistance, just stop into one of their many locations for in-store repairs.

Fjallraven’s outdoor apparel line includes choices that can use Greenland Wax to improve its durability, helping them to last longer. They operate as an environmentally friendly company by providing items that use sustainable materials and will last a lifetime to help reduce waste.

By combining functionality with simplicity, Fjallraven gives outdoor enthusiasts the stylish high-quality apparel they want and need.

My Favorite Choices for Fjallraven Bushcraft Pants  

Having a solid pair of bushcraft pants is essential for an enhanced outdoor experience. In this guide, I dive deeper into the considerations you should take when selecting a pair of bushcraft pants. Here are my top three choices for Fjallraven bushcraft pants.

Fjallraven Men’s High Coast Hike Trousers

The lightweight Fjallraven Men’s High Coast Hike Trousers are comfortable and stylish enough to wear while hiking or for everyday use. The tapered leg design and gusset in the crotch region allow for superior comfort and movement.

These Fjallraven bushcraft pants include high-quality materials that wick away moisture to dry quickly for optimal comfort. The ripstop fabric is stretchy to accommodate a hiker’s continuous movements but durable enough to be long-lasting. In addition, it helps repel dust, lint, and hair, providing great-looking pants suitable for any occasion.

You can be ready for anything with your Fjallraven Men’s High Coast Hike Trousers. With their two hand pockets and two zippered leg pockets, you can keep your valuables safe while on the move. In addition, the built-in elastic waist with an adjustable buckle keeps them in place during your long hikes.

Warm weather won’t stop you from exploring the outdoors when you have these Fjallraven bushcraft pants. You can kayak across a lake, then head out on a mountain trail without changing clothes or being uncomfortable.


  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Stretchable yet durable
  • Versatile for adventures or lounging
  • Four accessible zippered pockets to store your items
  • Elastic waist and an easy-to-adjust buckle
  • Slightly tapered legs with a gusset in the crotch for ultimate comfort
  • Available in regular and long fit


  • Could fit too short for extremely tall individuals
  • Not available in women’s options

Fjallraven High Coast Trail Trouser – Women’s

For women who love to hike or be comfortable while stylish, the Fjallraven High Coast Trail Trouser is the most affordable option. Unlike other Fjallraven trail trousers, these are specially designed for ladies with tapered legs to suit their shape.

The breathable moisture-wicking material of these Fjallraven bushcraft pants is lightweight enough to wear instead of shorts on hot days when you need leg coverage. So, whether you are avoiding insect bites or need protection from high brush during your hike, these High Coast Trail Trousers are perfect. You are sure to stay cool and dry with these pants.

The Fjallraven High Coast Trail Trousers have an integrated textile belt to help keep them in place during strenuous hikes. However, the waist doesn’t allow much give, making it critical you select the proper size for the best fit. Additionally, their ripstop fabric is durable enough to last continuous wear, making them your favorite casual hiking pants for years.


  • Perfect for warm or cool weather hikes
  • Material dries quickly
  • True to size while holding its shape
  • Two hand pockets and a rear-facing zippered leg pocket for essential items
  • Lightweight and comfortable fabric to wear for any occasion
  • Ideal for wearing in humid climates
  • Easy care instructions


  • Only limited colors available
  • Waist can be rigid, making proper sizing critical

Fjallraven Men’s Keb Trousers

For anyone who spends extensive time outdoors, the Fjallraven Men’s Keb Trousers are the premium choice for Fjallraven bushcraft pants. Of course, the price reflects their superiority, so you know you get what you pay for in this high-quality hiking apparel option.

These bushcraft pants use Fjallraven’s own G-1000 Eco materials for a more sustainable product that has exceptional durability and will last for years, even with continuous wear. They provide ultimate flexibility for serious hikers looking for apparel that allows for intense movement while trekking in the mountains.

The built-in ventilation zippers go from the hips to the knees and down the calves for optimal comfort. So whether you need knee pads for climbing, boot stirrups, or suspenders, these Fjallraven Men’s Keb Trousers can handle it all.

In addition, tall hikers or individuals with longer legs still have a great fit with these Fjallraven bushcraft pants. These superior pants are easily adaptable with Fjallraven’s Greenland Wax, improving their durability and water resistance.


  • Water and wind-resistant
  • Ventilation zippers for additional breathability
  • Accommodates attachments like suspenders and boot stirrups
  • Perfect for intense hikes in the mountains
  • Spacious pockets for larger items
  • Provides a longer leg length than other options
  • Can accommodate knee pads


  • More costly than other options
  • Not recommended for winter weather hiking

What Are the Best Fjallraven Bushcraft Pants for Hiking?

After an extensive review of these three options from Fjallraven, it’s clear that the High Coast Hike Trousers are the best bushcraft pants for hiking. They are affordable, durable, and perfect from spring to fall. These stylish pants are also versatile enough for everyday wear or as part of your casual and traveling wardrobe.

The Fjallraven Men’s High Coast Hike Trousers use exceptional moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you cool in warm weather and comfortable on those cool hikes. You will have enough space to carry all your essential items with its four pockets while still being functional and not bulky while wearing them. You’ll get an extra pocket than the Fjallraven High Coast Trail Trousers, which are more stylish for wearing every day than the Fjallraven Men’s Keb Trousers.

Your fun doesn’t stop there, though. These Fjallraven pants are perfect for lounging around and comfortable enough to wear while traveling long distances. Of course, with such superior functionality and style, you’ll want to own a pair in every color.

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