All you need to know about dealing with wildlife during your outdoors adventures.

Gorgeous raccoon cute peeks out of a hollow in the bark of a large tree.

Can you eat raccoon

You’re stuck in the wild, and you come across a raccoon. Would this furry critter make a nutritious meal, and how do you prepare it in the wild? 

Photo of a snake in the wilderness.

Can You Eat Snake?

Yes, you can eat snake. In fact, it is considered a delicacy in many places. There are some precautions you want to take to make sure you enjoy the meal safely.

Eel fish (anguilla anguilla) in the beautiful clean river.

Can you eat eel?

Are these slimy creatures edible, and whereabouts will I find them in the USA? Find out everything you need to know about eel and more by reading this article.

wild elk in the west.

How to Call an Elk

Elks make many different sounds depending on the season and their age. Read on to learn what elk sounds mean and how to properly imitate them.

Photo of a bluegill on a white background.

Can You Eat Bluegill?

Bluegills are a common fish across many favorite fishing holes. Find out now if you can eat them and their health benefits before your next fishing expedition.

Photo of a bull deer in the rain.

Do Deer Move in the Rain

Do you love nature on a rainy day? If you’re in the wilderness, you may wonder if rain affects wildlife. Do deer move in the rain? Let’s find out.

Eyes of a fox.

Can you eat fox

Would this farmhouse pest make a good meal if you ever found yourself in a survival situation? Here are the health concerns and facts about this unusual meat.

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