If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to fish, you know that the best time to fish is either at dusk or dawn when the sun’s rays aren’t too hot. However, we sometimes take our fishing rods during the rainy season due to the spirit of adventure.

If that is the case, then you need to be prepared. The following article will provide some valuable tips for fishing in rain.

Is It Good To Go Fishing In The Rain?

Well, in my opinion, it is not a wrong decision to go fishing in rain. However, the fun that comes with it will first depend on the year’s season.

For instance, during the early spring, the temperatures fluctuate, and the water becomes pretty cold. In such a case, it would be a wrong choice to go fishing in the rain.

On the contrary, during the warm months (late summer and early fall), it would be a good idea to go fishing in the rain because these seasons bring moderate rainfall, and the water levels are usually lower. As such, you will enjoy the cool weather, and you can catch a lot of fish.

It is crucial, however, to avoid fishing when thunderstorms and lightning accompany heavy rains. The reason is that this type of weather is dangerous, and the environment becomes unstable.

The other reason it is good to go fishing in the rain is that rain usually carries small insects and worms that serve as good bait for some fish. As a result, you can successfully catch these small fish with relative ease.

Additionally, rain can darken and cool the water, especially in lakes with clear water. This condition is appropriate for fishing since it makes most fish species active. Unlike rivers, lakes tend to lack oxygen during warm and dry months. As such, rain will play a big part in cooling the water and bringing the oxygen levels back to normal.

The results will be beneficial since this will lower the fish visibility making it easier for you to catch them as they cannot detect the fishing equipment.

As you can see, there can be some benefits to fishing in rain. However, everything goes well only if you are well-prepared with the right gear.

What Is The Appropriate Gear For Fishing In The Rain?

The appropriate gear for fishing in the rain incorporates the following:

  • Use boots or boot covers, a jacket made from rubber or Gore-Tex, and a pair of pants. Gore-Tex and rubber are waterproof materials that will help keep you dry. Remember to invest in good quality to ensure comfort and safety.
  • You need to have a rain hat and gloves to protect yourself from the sting of the rain and cold.
  • Other gears include an excellent rod, line, hooks, and sinker. You must purchase several types of fishing equipment for different occasions.
  • You might also want to invest in flashlights and lanterns as they serve as an extra light source, especially at night.

Such gear can help you to fish in the rain with ease. The exception would be in the case of hurricanes or thunderstorms, where no equipment can save you.

Do Fish Bite When It Rains?

Yes, fish bite when it rains. However, their activity during the rainy season is relatively low because, as mentioned earlier, rain colors the water and increases the amount of oxygen. The two aspects are essential when it comes to catching fish.

However, the fish will sometimes need more time to adjust to the situation and take action. In such a case, it is barely possible to catch any fish due to their low activity. But at certain times, you can be sure of catching one or two fish.

The best time, therefore, for fish to bite better is just before it rains. During this time, their activity level is high due to a rise in pressure, and they can find good bait that easily attracts them. As such, the possibility of catching fish is excellent.

Close-up of a fly fisherman, holding the rod and fish in a river.

What Weather Is The Best For Fishing?

The best fishing weather is the weather during dusk or dawn (sunny days) because it has the least amount of sun. Keep reading to understand how this weather affects the fish’s behavior.

Fish are cold-blooded animals, meaning their body temperature is the same as their surrounding environment. For instance, their body will be warm if the water is warm. On the contrary, their body will also be cold if the water is cold.

Therefore, during dusk or dawn, when the sun’s rays are not too hot, you can be sure that the water temperature will be cool, making the fish more active and easier to catch.

The fish will be active due to the cooler water temperature and increased oxygen. Additionally, there is a higher chance that they will come closer to the surface of the water, thus, making it easier for you to cast and hook them.

It is not the same case when the sun is too hot, for instance, during midday. In such a case, the sun will heat the water’s surface, making it too hot for the fish to come closer to the surface. Instead, it will make them dive deeper in search of cooler water. As a result, the visibility will be lower, and the catch will be fewer.


Fishing in rain is not problematic, provided you are well-prepared and informed. Always ensure that you have the right gear for fishing in rainy seasons. The gear will make it easier for you to carry out your primary objective without difficulty.

Moreover, ensure that you know the weather behavior of fish to increase the chances of catching them.

Do not go fishing when it is too hot or raining heavily, accompanied by thunderstorms, because scorching weather will make the fish hide in deeper waters, and the heavy rains can be dangerous. They might also alter the color of the water, making it hard for you to spot the fish.

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