Fishing can teach a lot: patience as you wait for a bite, serenity, and peace of mind so’s not to disturb the waters, a deep understanding of nature as you soak up and blend into the landscape.

Even if you catch nothing but an old smelly boot, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

It’s not all rainbows and rivers, though. Sometimes certain weather conditions make fishing nothing short of a slog and even quite dangerous, which is why a fishing mask is an essential piece of gear.

To keep you protected from the wind, rain, sun, and insects as you catch your dinner, I’ve compiled a list of five of the very best fishing masks around. I’ve even hooked on a brief buyer’s guide and FAQ section!

Don’t Have Time for the Full Article?

No problem; here’s my top pick.

Best Fishing Face Mask

Vitscan Face Mask

82% nylon and 18% spandex

Due to its high resilience, the close-fitting tube mask is hard to slide off no matter how you move sharply or no matter what activities you do if you wear it well at the beginning.

INFINI2 Neck Gaiter

Microfiber polyester

  • Wind Resistant Face Mask.
  • Keeps you warm in Winter and reduces humidity in Summer.
  • Attractive sport design, good looking and excellent performance.
Sireck Cold Weather Balaclava Mask

Lycra + fleece

  • Water resistant ski hat.
  • The fabric is water resistant except breathable part.
  • Not fully waterproof, so please don’t use in light rain for a long time or use it in heavy rain.

Best Fishing Face Mask Buying Guide

To help you navigate the vast amount of fishing masks currently on the market, let’s run over some key considerations. 

Don’t Look for Fishing Masks

There are small differences between gaiters, but they are sort of a ‘seen one, seen ‘em all’ garment, and if you’re searching for fishing masks, you’ll be bombarded with a million different shades of the same product.

Try searching instead for skiing masks, hiking masks, motorcycle masks…etc. You’ll find a much greater selection of products.


There are plenty of fishing masks designed for use year-round. 

They provide a handy amount of wind protection and breathability, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but if you want the best masks, shop for weather-specific designs. 

You can’t beat specialist garments.


Here are the properties you should be looking for in your mask:

  • Breathability – Breathable fabrics ensure a certain amount of air can pass through keeping you from feeling suffocated or stifled. Cotton and spandex are great options.
  • Flexibility – Your mask needs to be stretchy to fit your face shape well. Spandex is best for this.
  • Weather-resistance – You need your mask to protect you from the weather. Wool provides great UV protection, and nylon is a great option for keeping dry.


You can get masks in many different prints and colors, which is excellent for fishing. 

You can use them as an attention-grabbing item that alerts nearby hunters or sailors to your presence, or you can match them with a camo getup and blend into your surroundings.


Most fishing masks come in a unisex, one size fits all fit, which is fine for most, but if you’re getting ready to take a child out on their first fishing trip, you’ll need to look for some masks explicitly designed for use by youths. 

You’ll also need to be specific if you’re looking for a particularly large fishing mask.

Gone Fishin’

There you have it, master anglers, five amazing fishing masks sure to make your next trip out longer, more comfortable, and ultimately, more successful. 

Now not even the weather can stand in the way of a great fishing experience.

Sireck Cold Weather Balaclava Mask

While this full headcover and mask might be a tad more heavy-duty than you had in mind for your weekend fishing trip, there’s no doubt it offers more protection than most other designs.

Besides, you can choose to wear the whole thing or use it in a more modular fashion.

The most important aspect of this mask is that it’s water-resistant, so you can stay nice and dry in a drizzle, keeping you comfortable, allowing you to fish for longer. It’s also completely windproof which is essential when you’re exposed to the elements. 

Lastly, despite the very warm thermal lining, the lycra material keeps this mask exceedingly breathable, making it suitable for any long-scale outdoor activities like fishing. 


  • Water-resistant (not suitable for heavy rain).
  • Thermal fleece lining.
  • Stretchy lycra materials increase comfort.
  • Fully breathable.
  • Full head cover for complete dust, wind, and sun protection.
  • Can be worn in many different ways.
  • Great price.


  • Might be a bit much for certain climates.

Nextour Fishing Mask

My second face cover is an absolute classic and one of the most popular on the market at the minute. It’s a standard dual-layer gaiter design that offers a decent amount of wind protection and keeps your vulnerable areas safe from the sun.

You know the drill with gaiters, you can wear them in 12 different ways to suit the task at hand. It’s made from an incredibly stretchy, yet resilient material that refuses to lose elasticity even after hundreds of outings, and it’s highly breathable too.

My favorite thing about Nextour gaiters is the range of camo options available. They offer suitable vectors and colors for blending into almost any environment.


  • Stretchy, breathable material.
  • Can be used in 12 different ways.
  • Offers light wind and decent sun protection.
  • Available in any camo you can imagine.
  • Super affordable.
  • Popular choice.


  • Not as weather-resistant as top pick.

S.A. UV Face Shield

Here’s another stone-cold classic with a few tricks up its sleeve.

The lycra material used to make these S.A. fishing masks feature UPA 40 UV ray protection, and what’s more, they’re very light, thin, and breathable, perfect for use in hotter climates.

Not only do they offer a moderate amount of wind protection and save you from the bite of hungry insects, they have excellent water-wicking qualities. Sweat is siphoned away and you stay comfortable and dry.

They’re not suited for cold-weather outings, but if you’re looking to beat the heat, they’re a great choice.


  • Great fishing mask for hot weather.
  • UPA 40 fabric protects you from the harmful UV rays.
  • Thin, breathable design.
  • Insanely popular product.
  • Affordable.
  • Can be worn in a number of ways.


  • They run a little small so may feel tight on some.

INFINI2 Neck Gaiter

My penultimate pick is a fantastic light face mask for fishing in frigid temperatures.
Crafted from breathable microfiber polyester, it’s both flexible and warming. The dense fibers are perfect for keeping the wind at bay while a specialized mesh mouth cover allows you to breathe easily.
It’s a little pricey for a fishing mask, but it’s a clever design that offers all the protection you could possibly want during a chilly fishing trip, and much like a standard gaiter, it can be worn in a number of ways.


  • Mesh mouth cover.
  • Lovely and warm.
  • Microfiber fabric protects against harsh winds.
  • Can be worn a number of ways.


  • Not as stretchy as lycra masks.

Vitscan Face Mask

My final pick is 82% nylon and 18% spandex, which is a very clever textile blend for a fishing mask.
Nylon resists fungus, insects, and molds, but most importantly, it’s got water-resistant qualities, and spandex provides great extensibility. These materials combine into what feels like silk on the skin. Lovely!
Nylon is also awesome for water-wicking making it a suitable mask for both the summer and winter months.
The spandex content is high-quality, facilitating a resilient and form-fitting stretch that prevents hot breath from clouding visors or glasses.


  • Lightly water-resistant.
  • Great textile combination.
  • Silken feel.
  • Breathable.
  • Prevents glasses or visors from clouding over.


  • Dye can bleed if washed with certain soaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do fishermen wear face masks?

It’s a good idea to always at least bring a mask with you when you go fishing. 

It can offer protection not just against the wind and the cold, but the sun and insects too.

What are fishing masks called?

Fishing masks don’t have a single name. A fishing mask is any sort of mask that offers adequate protection from the elements and your environment while you fish.

That said, most consider gaiters to be fishing masks, although some may refer to them as Buffs, as that’s the brand name of one of the most popular gaiter manufacturers.

How can I make my neck gaiter tighter?

Folding your gaiter in half will create a tighter hold around your neck, but if the elastic has started to give out on your gaiter, it’s best to just buy a fresh one.

Which masks are the most comfortable?

The most comfortable masks have a soft, cooling skin feel, and they’re made of breathable fabrics with water-wicking qualities so you don’t sweat too much.

What’s the most breathable fabric for a face mask?

Cotton is the most breathable fabric but rarely found in fishing masks.

Polyester is your next best bet, closely followed by other synthetics such as nylon and rayon, then more natural fibers like linen, silk, and wool.

Are Buff gaiters good?

Yes, Buff is widely thought of as the best quality and most reliable gaiter brand, which is why their name is synonymous with the product itself.

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