All you need to know about dealing with wildlife during your outdoors adventures.

A photo of a deer caught in a winter night.

Are Deer Nocturnal animals?

If you’re looking to experience these creatures in their natural habitat, you may be asking yourself, “are deer nocturnal?” The answer might surprise you.

Photo of a bull deer staring at the camera.

Are Deer Colorblind?

The secret to successful hunting is to stay as hidden as possible. Answering this question can help you find the perfect camouflage for your next hunt.

Photo of a hunter calling deer.

Your Guide to Calling Deer

Looking to attract deer to your hunting site? Attractants like sprays and antler rattling can increase deer traffic, but calling deer is your best bet.

Image of a bull deer ready to fight.

Do Deer Attack Humans?

Deer are portrayed as friendly woodland animals in the media, but are they really as timid as they seem? Do deer attack humans? Click here to find out.

Photo of a deer running.

How Fast Are Deer?

Whether you’re chasing one down (or vice versa), it’s useful to know how fast deer sprint. This guide will break down deer speeds by species, plus more.

image of a dear calling against the sun.

What Noise Do Deer Make

While deer appear to be silent, docile animals, they are surprisingly vocal in specific situations, from danger warnings to socialization. Let’s find out.

Photo of a gobbling turkey.

How to Call Turkeys

Turkeys can be elusive, even for skilled hunters. Mastering turkey calls is one of the best ways to attract and bag a prize bird this season.

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