All you need to know about dealing with wildlife during your outdoors adventures.

Photo of a deer eating a carrot.

Do Deer Eat Carrots?

Adult deer need a balanced diet throughout the year, but are carrots one of their favorite foods? Do deer eat carrots; click here to find out!

photo of a skunk in the grass.

Can You Eat Skunk

If you ever find yourself stuck in a situation where skunk meat is the only thing available for you to consume, you will have wanted to read this.

Photo of a deer swimming.

Can Deer Swim?

You may already know that deer are built to move fast. But if you find them in water, will it slow them down? Can deer swim? Read this article to find out.

Photo of a possum.

Can You Eat Possum

As outdoor enthusiasts, we want to know what options are available in an event of survival. There are nutritious options, but can you eat possum?

Image of the cuts of a bear.

Can you eat bear meat?

Bear meat is considered food for many, but there are a few things to “bear in mind” before you start preparing the meat of this omnivorous mammal.

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