What Noise Do Deer Make

You might encounter deer if you’re a hunter or have a yard near the woods. Although you’re familiar with other animal noises, you might ask yourself this: what noises do deer make? 

Despite how quiet deer look, they’re capable of making a variety of sounds

As you explore the wilderness, it’s essential to recognize these noises. As someone who enjoys the outdoors, I want you to have no trouble while searching for deer.

What Noise Do Deer Make When Scared?

When deer sense the presence of predators, such as wolves, humans, or pumas, they use a wide range of communication, such as snorts and stomps, to warn others about the immediate danger. As social animals, their herd mentality is one of their essential survival methods. 


Deer have an enhanced sense of smell that they use to sense danger. When they make a sniffing sound, they alert others in the herd about anything suspicious in their area. 

A deer’s sniffing sound typically sounds deeper and stronger than human sniffing. Some species of deer can smell several scents simultaneously.

As deer make this alarm sound, they might also stomp their hooves against the ground to let others know about an unknown threat. 

Some hunters take advantage of deer’s excellent sense of smell by using deer attractant to keep the prey from detecting them.

Deer Snort

When a deer makes a loud snort, it confirms and alerts others that danger is in the area, prompting them to run away at full speed. A typical alarm snort sounds like a high-pitched sneeze. 

It’s a common sound most people hear while hunting, reminding them to think of new ways to stay undetected.

Some common body language associated with snorting includes tail flicking, hoof stomping, and tail flaring. 

Why Do Deer Make a Screaming Sound?

The loudest sound you might hear from a deer is when it screams. Deer make this shrilling sound when they get startled or sense danger. They might also scream after getting injured. 

Muntjac species typically make loud barking noises whenever they become alarmed. These crying sounds can increase at night when deer are more vulnerable to dangers and hide in the shadows to avoid death.  

The thought of hearing this agonizing sound while camping keeps me from getting a good night’s rest. 

What Noises Do Whitetail Deer Make?

Whitetail deer use a combination of vocalizations to communicate with each other. You can break these basic deer sounds into several categories. 

Conversational Sounds

Although some deer are vocal when danger is near, they might make noises when they’re content, bored, or excited. Most deer socialize by using grunts or bleat sounds. Most people refer to this as the “contact grunt.” Does make a soft grunt while interacting with their fawns or other deer.

Breeding Vocalizations

Bucks and does are most vocal during their annual mating season, also known as “the rut.”  During this time, they might become susceptible to imitated calls by hunters.

Typical buck sounds during this period include a trailing grunt that occurs when they seek a doe in heat. Another vocalization they might make is a tendering grunt.

During mating season, a doe bleats to let nearby bucks she’s ready to breed. You’re less likely to hear this noise from a doe seeking a buck than one who’s already mated with one. 

Fawn Sounds

Whitetail fawns typically make a goat-like bleating noise to get their mother’s attention. Fawns learn social calls through their mother and other deer in their secluded herds.

Hunters use bleat calls to their advantage while hunting to attract free-roaming does. When a doe hears a bleating sound, their maternal instincts kick in and seek out the cry.

Why Do Deer Snort Wheeze?

A snort wheeze is another common sound deer make for specific reasons. When a deer makes this noise, it lets out a loud snort, followed by a raspy wheeze. Typically, bucks make a type of sound when asserting their authority to submissive peers in their herd.

Sometimes, mature bucks might make this aggressive sound before fighting each other over territory or a doe.

Differences in Communication Between Deer

Sometimes, a deer sound might have a different meaning based on its context. For example, a fawn might bleat when seeking their mother’s milk or while playing with other fawns, but those bleats become louder and drawn out as they cry out while getting chased by predators. 

Buck vocalizations tend to be deeper than doe vocalizations due to their size differences. Additionally, a fawn’s vocal cords don’t have the strength to produce the deeper grunting noise that dominant bucks make. 

Do Deer Use Their Antlers to Communicate?

Regardless of their antler size, Whitetails perform antler scraping to mark their territory during their breeding season, intimidating rival bucks in the process. Bucks’ antlers make rattling noises as they clash with each other. 

Some hunters lure deer by imitating antler rattling that they might mistake for nearby territory marking or sparring.

How Do Hunters Use Deer Calls to Their Advantage?

Hunters imitate these calls to lure deer into their range while on their hunting trips. Since deer make several kinds of sounds, their best option is to use a call that fits appropriate situations.

Examples of deer calls you might use on your trip may include:

  • Deer grunt calls
  • Alert calls
  • Breeding calls
  • Buck calls
  • Social calls
  • Aggressive calls
  • Agonistic calls
  • Contact calls
  • Bleat calls

While some inexperienced people might have trouble not spooking deer with these calls, there are several techniques they can use while perfecting how to call deer. I ensure it took a while to improve my skills.


When people ponder, “what noises do deer make?” they might find it surprising that these skittish creatures are capable of making any loud sound. By understanding the sound of deer, you can know when deer sense your presence and when they don’t through their body language signs. 

I recommend learning about the behavior among whitetails might also make it easier for you to immerse yourself in nature. 

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