Photo of a deer swimming.

Can Deer Swim?

You may already know that deer are built to move fast. But if you find them in water, will it slow them down? Can deer swim? Read this article to find out.

Image of the cuts of a bear.

Can you eat bear meat?

Bear meat is considered food for many, but there are a few things to “bear in mind” before you start preparing the meat of this omnivorous mammal.

A photo of a deer caught in a winter night.

Are Deer Nocturnal animals?

If you’re looking to experience these creatures in their natural habitat, you may be asking yourself, “are deer nocturnal?” The answer might surprise you.

Photo of a bull deer staring at the camera.

Are Deer Colorblind?

The secret to successful hunting is to stay as hidden as possible. Answering this question can help you find the perfect camouflage for your next hunt.

Photo of a hunter calling deer.

Your Guide to Calling Deer

Looking to attract deer to your hunting site? Attractants like sprays and antler rattling can increase deer traffic, but calling deer is your best bet.

photo of a bushcrafter blowing on the fire.

What is bushcraft

Bushcraft is a widely debated topic with similar elements to camping and survival. This article looks into what sets it apart from other outdoor activities.

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