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Learn how to camp without all the hassles!

The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Camping

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If you’ve never camped before, or have only experienced a few outings that didn’t go as planned, this book will help you become a better camper FAST.


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Features: Camp Like A Pro

These brief points are a few of the many items that you will read in the book that can mean the difference between an unpleasant trip and an enjoyable adventure.

Hassle-Free Camping

  • Learn how to pick the perfect campsite
  • Prevent your tent from falling down when pitching
  • Stop your tent from falling down in the wind and rain
  • Choose the right sleeping bag, pad, and mattress
  • Tips for better packing


  • What are the necessities? What supplies do you need? What to be aware of?
  • Know the different species of wildlife that might share your campsite.
  • Learn how to use a compass
  • Camping with children
  • Camping with your dog

Symbiosis with Nature

  • How to camp safely and understand resident animal habits
  • How to enjoy the surrounding environment
  • Leave no trace
  • Be aware of local plant hazards


About Alex ~ The Author

Meet Alex ~ the founder of Outdoors Being

Born and raised in a modern
environment, I spent the majority
of my life surrounded by technology.
However, after a 20-year career in the
army, and a desire to rely on my own skills and knowledge rather than
tools and logistics, I found myself drawn to the great outdoors.

My interest in becoming more self-sufficient and living in harmony
with nature led me to embrace the outdoors, and learn camping
and survival skills.

About Alex - The Author of Camp Like A Pro

I have a deep respect for nature, the environment, and animals, and want to share my knowledge and experiences with others.

I am a minimalist when it comes to outdoor activities, but my principles of respecting nature, the environment, and animals, while ensuring personal health and safety, apply to all. I hope that you will find value in my information, and that you share some of my values and ethics.

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